Build /e/ for legacy devices : HTC One M8

Hi all, i have build my own E OS version for HTC One M8.

Android : 10 q
E OS : v0.16

After download repo, i removed some apps directories as following,

I use to compare the size of this two lines to know if i must again remove an app.

Out of space? Out of inodes? The tree size of /mnt/my_compile/e_os/m8_without_app_nightly_v0_16_q_save_4/out/soong/.temp/tmpMALA7o is 1068124160 bytes (1018 MB), with reserved space of 0 bytes (0 MB).

The max image size for filesystem files is 1073741824 bytes (1024 MB), out of a total partition size of 1073741824 bytes (1024 MB).

unsuccessfull →

successfull log for v0.16 pie →

Diff summury :

The size of this build 1018MB is lesser than 1024MB.

So i don’t understand why it’s not possible to build successfully.

Someone can help me ?

Thanks a lot

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