Build /e/ OS for Legacy Devices

Hi all,

I’m using htc one m8 with /e/ os.

With the last v1-q branch, it’s again harder to build due to the max size 1024Mo.

So, i must delete all prebuiltapk without BlissLauncher.

See my file,

Maybe it exist another way to suppress more app for the futur or to grow up the 1024 Mo size “ROM” ?

Thanks a lot

Did you build with the _MINIMAL_APPS flag? That creates a ROM without some of the default system apps, and was introduced to allow building for phones with little room.

Even that isn’t enough for some phones e.g. Motorola Moto E Condor. I suspect /e/ is now to big for that device, no matter how many system apps you remove :frowning: