Build /e/ with AFwall+ as system App without root?

I like AFwall+, but don’t like rooting. Does someone know how to build /e/ with AFwall+ as system app, and how to give it the correct permissions? I gues it works when it is able to call iptables.

If the apk is flashed in TWRP, doesn’t it become a system app ? (Not sure at all)

I can get it in /system/app and appears as system app, but thats not enough. The permissions forbid to access iptables. And i want to do it in the source tree.

I never thought about that but indeed it would be nice to make some apps system apps and throw away Magisk.

For me the only apps needing root are :
Nil MAC Changer
IMEI Changer

But yes I don’t think system apps have root privileges and can change everything…

I would think to consult the AFWall dev to see if that’s even possible.
On most of my ROMs I would flash a root security package that included AFWall, AdAway, Keepass2Android, and AndOTP (there’s also a no-root version with Blokada and NetGuard). Necessary permissions were also installed but AFWall and AdAway still require root to do what they need to do, writing to system, opening root shells, etc., I guess.

The AFWall wiki has in bold letters “must be rooted”. At the moment I don’t think there’s any way around that.
You could inquire in its XDA thread or GitHub maybe.

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