Build fails building APPs

Both the devices suzuran and surnia are not supported by Lineage OS . Which will make it difficult to build it using Docker or by following the official build document. It is better to use the non docker way to build such un-supported devices. we have some posts on build for un supported devices on this forum.

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are you the same guy as in telegram group asking ? If yes, I have given you a solution

Yes I am. I only recently realized that you are also @Guntram in telegram :slight_smile:

I know that these devices are not officially supported, but a couple of weeks ago I was able to build for suzuran. That is why I have been continuing to use Docker. Clearly something changed since my successful build, and I was hoping it would be relatively easy to change it back. Also my home computer is not powerful enough for ROM building so I have been using ‘throw-away’ compute instances from Vultr, and the Docker build path is better for that use case. But if it isn’t going to work, I’ll try it the other way.

Do you know if there are any officially supported devices which still use Nougat rather than Pie?
Eidt: OK I’ve found the list of supported devices, including some based on Nougat . I’ll have a try at building one of those.

Thank you and @Manoj for your help, here and in Telegram. I’ll try to stop bothering you now :slight_smile:

Indeed. I confirmed this by attempting to build nougat ROMs for sumire and condor. Both are supported devices, and both failed in the same way, at the same point.

Logs for these builds, are available here

The last successful official build for sumire was on May 15th

As far as I have read the reason is wrong java jdk

If you know a location with the right file, fork it and put it in your roomservice.xml

This problem is now fixed. Thank you to all who helped.
Sadly the build failed right at the end, when trying to create the image because it was too big for the device (condor). I believe this is a known problem and I’ll see if I can find a way to solve ir work around it.
Thanks again

yes, and I hate this error :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So you can use this way. In most case the system.img is than small enough that the build will finish

Remark: You don’t need repo sync. You have all sources available.