Build for a3y17lte always fails

Hi everyone,

Since the a3y17lte is the second most requested device, I wanted to build an unofficial build.

I created (after some non-working one during the repo sync) a roomservice.xml for it.

It always fails, but each time I restart the process, it achieves some additional steps. Sometimes it’s just +[5/12000], sometimes it’s +[40/11995] for instance, it’s never the same amount of achieved steps.
It means that technically, if I restart the process a lot of times (100 or more), I will arrive to the end.

If it’s not clear, look at the screenshots I took after each fail :

Fail 1 :

Fail 2 :

Fail 3 :

Fail 4 :

Fail 5 :

Fail 6 :

The build has been re-launched around 40 times, I’m now at […/11610] (I added a line at the end of my build script to… re-launch the script :yum:)

I build on Windows thanks to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2).

Thank you for your help, I didn’t find any solution I could understand on the www.

I found this link, it’s very similar to my issue and with a similar device, but I don’t understand the solution suggested.!topic/android-building/TWHP3sOZT9s

I have tried a built for 3 exynos devices. All fail. I stop trying

Edit: sorry, different issue here. Ignore my answer.