Build for Lineage OS supported device with 17.1 sources

I would like to build for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e gts4lvwifi which only has LOS 17.1 source. There is no official 16.0 or lower. Is there a Q testing branch for /e/ ? I have only built a few custom recoveries for different devices and would like to build a ROM. Where would I find info for doing this as everything I have seen so far only covers android 7, 8 and 9. Although I noticed some gsi work for Q. Having difficulty finding Q sources. Can someone point me in the right direction please

edit: been in hospital past few days, just seen roadmap. I have gts4lvwifi in hand if I can be of any help in development let me know.

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Pls have a look here /e/ OS 'Q' alpha builds are coming!

Thanks, eRecovery jumped out at me immediately as I own several Huawei devices with erecovery. I assumed it was proprietary to Huawei. Even if not it is is or could be confusing. They spell it multiple ways also ie e-recovery, E-RECOVERY, E-Recovery, erecovery and recovery2. Don’t know if name needs to be looked at, just bringing it up.

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thx for information.

@Manoj Please have a look, the “e-recovery” is used on other devices

:slight_smile: eRecovery is not the official name…it is just a name I coined so that we know what we are talking about. Once we have it tested - which should happen this coming week …we will think up of a proper name and release it.

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Ahh, ok. I guess I need to be quiet so ya’ll can work and I’ll wait for Samsung Tab S5e build to come about so I can test. Thanks for the work you’re doing.

Not at all…thanks for sharing the info that the name is already taken.

Well, my pleasure. Glad it was of use.