Build HOWTO : Please change OTA_URL

Hi team,

In the building howto, OTA_URL is given with a template (step 4.), as well as in the example :


Unfortunately, keeping this string as-is causes the aapt2 compiler to crash :

FAILED: out/target/common/obj/APPS/Updater_intermediates/flat-res/vendor/lineage/overlay/microg/packages/apps/Updater/res/values_strings.arsc.flat
/bin/bash -c "out/host/linux-x86/bin/aapt2 compile -o out/target/common/obj/APPS/Updater_intermediates/flat-res/vendor/lineage/overlay/microg/packages/apps/Updater/res/ --pseudo-localize --legacy
aapt2 F 02-06 14:31:03 34109 34109 ResourceParser.cpp:342] Check failed: node_stack.size() == 1u
Aborted (core dumped)

It’s very confusing for the beginners, as the whole process ends with a RC 1 and a generic “ninja failed” error message :frowning:

I didn’t test further, maybe the “<>” …

I can confirm that the same build is successful after removing the whole line (-e “OTA_URL=<ota-server-url>” \).

I would humbly suggest 2 solutions :

  • explain that this whole line is optional (and why)
  • give another template, i.e. http://you_ota_server

I think this could be a good opportunity to document the implementation of a OTA server :wink:

@manoj : could you please help with this ? Thanks !

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This is more like @rhunault’s area of expertise.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Should I open a GitLab issue ?

Yes pl I will ask Romain to have a look and if the team is ok we can have it documented.

Thanks again :slight_smile: