Build on windows?


Anyone tried to build /e/ on a windows 10 pro using Docker and WSL for example ?


I also have this idea. But i’m on a surface pro 4 and i don’t have 250GB of space hard drive space…

I do have this on my W$ box, not on Linux one. And won’t have my Mac anymore in few.

Yann Barraud

I want to test, but is someone know that 250GB of free space is really needed ???

Hi @Sebastien my desktop has Ubuntu not windows but the screenshot will give you an idea of the space requirements.
This is just with the source code
The /e/ folder is 108 GB

Overall just 16% of my 1 Tb Hard disk is being used as I recently formatted it.

The build to run will need 250 GB of space as mentioned here as well

Hi @yannbrrd,
I have tried to make a build using Windows 10 and WSL But even though it should mount your windows drives as case sensitve, docker was not able to complete the build. (Maybe beacuse you still need to run the Windows version of the Docker daemon.) For now I have set up a VM, which works just fine. Just make sure to allocate enough RAM.


Digging up this, I should give it a spin with WSL2 now.

@Anonyme /e/ support, build on Windows per Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2).

Indeed I managed to build with WSL2 (without Docker), but I moved to a dual boot in order to have more resources and avoid potential errors due to WSL2.