Built in Backup

While preparing for the imminent launch of /e/ for android13, I’ve been sifting through my data and trying to find ways to backup my device reliably. Unfortunately, google has decided to deprecate adb backup. Now I essentially had to root my device to ensure I can preserve my data.

Then I read Mr. Duval’s vision for /e/ moving forward. There is a builtin backup app being planned. Now i’m very intrigued and excited about the added ease in the event of an upgrade, downgrade, or factory reset.

Would root permissions be required or would adb root be sufficient? Would it be linked somehow to /e/ Drive? Could the backup process even be automated?

Thanks to all involved. Keep up the good work!

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I would also be interested to know what experiences /e/ users have had with the built-in Seedvault.

Something I’ve always wondered about but never checked on. At the Murena cloud (or via Nextcloud app) there is a Devices directory. In it are subdirectories for every device that has had /e/OS installed.

Some will have xml files for various settings. All of them imclude a packages_list.csv file of installed apps.

After five years I never knew the reason or purpose of that data. Keep forgetting to check or ask.

Back on topic, I have never used Seedvault. Well, checked it out once a long time ago on a custom A11 ROM. Vaguely remembered it not working so well. Been reluctant to rely on it since.