Buy apps, how to?

How can I buy app in aurora or appstore?
I do not have a google account. Do I have to contact all app developer and ask them for a version that do not go over the playstore?

How bad is it to install a app from the playstore?
Would it help to install it into shelter?

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You can install apps from goolag playstore with Aurora. But you can buy apps without goolag account. And 99% of paid apps won’t work on eOS because of missing goolag services.

No, it makes absolute no difference.

What apps are you looking for. Have you checked free alternatives on f-droid?

I don’t have a specific app.
Here is an example for my kids

Or this one folder sync pro

Why need it? You have a build in folder sync via your edrive? ??

Regarding the game, I keep silence, because I think small kids shouldn’t play with phones.

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I do agree with the kids but this depend on so much things. So please do not judge because of one example of an app that I posted here. My kids are allowed to play (with me next to them) for 10 minutes per day. That’s why I miss the possibility to stop the screen after 10 minutes on android (parental control) I know there are tools for that. It’s an other topic.

I do sync to my own server on nextcloud installed in docker on my synology.
I would like to sync more than just documents between my phone and server like for example, my music folder sitting on my nas somewhere (not connected to nextcloud). This is just an example.
There are a lot of apps that are great and I think it is absolutely fair to pay for it. Nothing absolutely nothing is for free. So I just want to know how I could have an app on my e system that I’m willing to pay. I don’t want to pay with my privacy.
I believe that some apps downloadeable on google playstore are harmless. But I imagine I’m totally wrong.

I full agree, but if the developer has no interrest to sell his app without goolag he don’t earn the money.

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Yes totally… IMO there are better things for kids to do… :smile:

How do you sync folders that are not sitting in nextcloud between phone and nas?

Why don’t you connect it all to Nextcloud and use this?

So you mean to make a webdav connection between my nextcloud and my nas folder. Music for example.
And then with the nextcloyd app syncing to the phone.
How does the nativ music app connect to the music folder?

I agree it’s sad that there is no way to buy an app outside of Google ecosystem.

Maybe it could be a way here for e foundation to earn some money and support its development ? I love foss and f-droid, but I think a complete ecosystem should include paid apps to support developers and foss.


That is an excelent idea!

The bigest market for an app is google play so I do understand that if you do a lot of work that you want to reach as many people as possible.

I do agree it is sad that we cannot gain access to paid app when using e.
There are also difficulties beyond the store itself unfortunately : as I really wanted to use one specific app, I bought it using the play store (the amazon store would have been the only alternative) but it still did not work as the app actually uses some Google (play) library to check for the license.
I contacted the developer who was willing to help, but saw no easy solution tothe problem.

I guess mass adoption of systems like /e/ is the only way out…


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There are signs whether a paid app from Goulag will work without Google Play Services or not. Pettson’s Inventions will not because it relies on with check license and billing.


But there a also two other paid Petterson apps without They should work.

FolderSync Pro is different. Free and Pro version seem to be different APKs.
Pro version has no and I think it will work without Play Services:

Another example is SD Maid (it works with a second APK to become Pro version). It definitely works without Play.

how do you find this information out?

There’s a pro app I want to use because the IAP on the free version won’t work on /e/ and I don’t want to spend $ incase it doesn’t work

I use Raccoon as Pro version.
It is suitable for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
I use it on Windows 8.1 as Java-Applet with actual Oracle Java Runtime enabled.
You can of course run it with Linux too, without any problems.

Download it here, prefer Linux / Java download.

Creating a new account is preferred by this app.
But if you want to buy something --> use your normal Play account.
I never tampered with my normal account and it is OK now for several years.

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Note that I can’t buy any app. on plaie-store (plaie = wound, french joke) using MicroG because I’d never bought from P.S. before. So gg doesn’t want to “certified” my pay card, even if I use it for an other gg-sevices (sevice = abuse).

Use a device with appropriate GApps.
Flash your favourite ROM with TWRP before you boot your ROM.
MicroG won’t help.
Get a prepaid Google Play Card from your local dealer to load your account.

plaie / wound is nice ;–)

And I’d solved this issue : FOSS only via F-Droid (and GNU-Linux Debian flavor for PC) :wink:

That’s exactly what I use on my smartphones and tablet!

Edit: Oh yes, and Linux Mint on my PC besides Win 8.1.