Buying the official /e/OS Fairphone 3: stability inquiry


Apologies if this is the wrong category. It’s more of a “pre sales question”.

I’m very much tempted to buy the official Fairphone 3 package through However, before I hit that “buy” button (I almost did!), I decided to look around the forum.

There seem to be a few reports about audio not working during audio/video calls in apps like Signal, Wire, WhatsApp, etc. … LiveDisplay (night light) doesn’t seem to be working either?


The shop page of states:

Brand new phone
Fully functional and tested​

Is it fully functional and tested?

If I buy this phone, will these audio/video calls work? Sadly, it’s a must for work and some family members.

I’d love to use this phone in combination with /e/OS.


EDIT: as per archje request, I’ve added the links to the reports I mentioned.

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Could you please link to these reports so that a clearer opinion can be formed!

The /e/ OS ROM IMG-e-0.9-p-2020042851613-dev-FP3 and was developed in just a few months is the first public release. It is still in “beta” state like all other builds. This is not a bad thing, but you have to expect that nothing is perfect yet.

Our @Ingo_FP_Angel is an experienced FP user, even before /e/. Maybe you can get precise information from him.

Done, I have added them to my first post.

That’s good to hear. Eager to hear his feedback.

I can only comment on the LiveDisplay issue. That has been fixed and is now working in the testing branch. I’m relatively new to /e/, but I’d assume that fix will be included in the next OTA release.

Personally, I never do videocalls on the phone and I don’t have any of the reported apps on my phone.
I have tried Jitsi app on stock ROM once and it turned out it wasn’t usable with Blokada. After whitelisting Jitsi in Blokada it worked.


Yes the fixes cleared in testing are included in the next OTA releases.


Great. :slight_smile:

Is the videoconferencing problem also planned? An audio problem in video conferencing is a serious problem in corona times.


That’s great to hear. Thanks for the feedback. :ok_hand:

Also curious about the audio problem being planned, though. It’s the only thing right now holding me from buying it.

I pre-ordered a FP3 with /e/ and I’m also concerned with the audio problems that @tactleneck and @Fairphoner mention. I hope that the /e/ staff can check for this and for basic functions before delivering. :crossed_fingers:

Glad to hear that some fixes are already included in the next OTA releases! :raised_hands:

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Microphone / Speaker problem is not fixed yet afaik. It is also happening in voice-calls. I tried with Jitsi, Riot, Conversations (other users with Signal, Wire, Whatsapp), so it seems to affect all calls over internet. No response yet to the gitlab issue…
@Manoj: Any news from the developers? Very annoning to run around with the laptop for calling in times where no “reallife-meetings” are allowed :smiley:

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Reassure me, does the basic phone function works on your luxius but ethical pocket-computer ?..

Normal phonecalls work just fine for me, didn’t have any problems with that. Also recording voice works.


Update on the microphone/speaker issue:
some gitlab issues have been closed and merged into this one issue which is now assigned to a developer. Thanks team /e/!


Audio/microphone issue in VOIP seems to be fixed! Shipping in the next update. Awesome!