Bypass wizard with no SIM on brand new Galaxy S7 before /e/


Just bought a Galaxy S7 for /e/. When I first start it I get to the language selection page with a ‘Start’ button. When I press start I get this message: “Insert SIM card to use setup wizard”.

I’d like to bypass this screen in order to enable USB debugging and then install /e/.

I don’t want to give my SIM info to the stock ROM (and then probably to Samsung & Google).

Is there any way to do that?


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On XDA there were two similar questions asked. Unfortunately they did not receive any answers.

Thanks for reporting this issue.
We will have a look, and keep you inform.

I think Anata is saying the stock Android OS is asking for the SIM. An option may be to purchase one of those inexpensive prepaid SIMs for it.

Yes I meant the stock OS. I did put somebody else SIM, even if I’m not sure it really makes a difference :slight_smile :slight_smile:

Very late to the party, but just in case anyone (both inside the thread and other visitors) is still looking for how to skip that message: I first tried out ways that worked for other Samsung models (tapping corners etc), then I pressed and held the volume buttons and the home button (separately and concurrently), in the end I tapped the back button repeatedly, and the “unlocked” message appeared.
Rebooted it to check what exactly made it happen - it was just pressing the back button, several times, apparently.