CalDAV error (TbSync)

Hey there,

I have noticed that my Thunderbird TbSync can no longer synchronise and gives me the error message that there is no CalDav server, among other things.

Is there any news on this, or can someone help me? :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I can not even (re-)add my “” to Thunderbird.

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Could this be because of the approaching server maintenance?


TbSync stopped working for me when I updated Thunderbird to a version which supports CalDAV and CardDAV natively, with no need for addos like TbSync.

Try adding a new Calendar, with as the server

It seems Thunderbird is not able to grab the server automatically, so I tried to use this config

email-configuration but it wont work that way neither, somehow. Going to backup and reinstall Thunderbird, maybe it’s borked, dunno.