CalDAV settings on a computer

Hi everyone,
I recently switched to /e/ on my phone. Not that easy, it was my first time flashing an OS on a phone. Well, let’s come to the point.
I have an ecloud calendar on my phone, I want to sync it on my computer (elementary OS). Here are the requested fields, I feel a little lost about what I should write inside them, so Iḿ requesting your kind help :slight_smile: :
Capture d'écran du 2020-11-09 10.26.37

Paswrd: Your Password

Tested these entries meanwhile (there is no “password” entry btw, strange, and once configured there is no prompt window to ask for it).

I read some people complaining about this specific app on this OS, it seems Calendar from elementary OS doesn’t work very well with Nextcloud accounts. I’ll keep on searching, I also submitted this question on an elementary OS forum, and let you know if there is a satisfying solution.

Here are the things I had to enter:

User: [me]
E-mail: the mail address I used to create my account

Then it asked for my pw. Then everything works just fine.


Yeah, every client needs a special address. Normally the client is redirected from automatically to
But Elemantary seems working different. Good to know that you have solved the issue

Thanks for the solution :grinning:.
Same parameters for task and to connect to contacts it works for me with this URL :[me]
But how to connect to notes? I don’t know

Simply use the /e/-Notes app and sign-in with your credentials. My other app in SailfishOS finds the notes by using: me@e.ecloud@
Nothing more!


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Or use the NextCloud Notes app, which is better IMHO. It certainly handles multiple accounts better the /e/'s version if that is relevant for you

Hi @kettcar64!
It works on my /e/ phone automatically after installation with the /e/ Notes app but what I wants it’s to sync my PC on Debian with the Evolution application.
It’s OK with contacts and tasks but I don’t know how to sync Evolution with ecloud Notes. I try to find the right URL for that.
Best regards,