Calendar and Contacts apps for non-/e/OS devices

As first step to slowly migrate away from Google/Microsoft, I would like to have an the calendar and contacts apps with bi-directional synchronization to/from;
I still need the standard Android for access to the company resources.

I already have an “” account.

Is it possible to simply use APK files from some /e/OS device?

If not, where can I raise a request for this?

I think you want Davx5
Then almost any calendar and contacts app will suffice.


I have it installed (Samsung A34 5G).
Base URL:

But my test calendar entries on both sides (, phone) did not get syncnronized yet.
any idea?

I don’t know. Check in settings and see if the account is set to sync? Maybe set up a device specific password?

I will try your link - I did not install NextCloud for Android so far, which is part of the guidance there.

I found the solution:

configuring the BASE URL of in DAVx5 is not enough - I manually had to enable the sync for CardDAV and CalDAV.

Quite akward, that this is not asked to enable automatically when configuring the BASE URL!
I just found the settings by accident.

Synchronization now works!

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Well, calendar changes entered in the cloud are synchronized to the phone, but not into the other direction.
Is this normal behavior of DAVx5?

If yes, then I still need the /e/OS apps for contacts/calendar …

No you do not need /e/OS apps. In the past I used to sync my /e/ contacts and calendar to other ROMs using DAVx5. Syncing worked both ways. Any changes made in the default apps (Contacts and Calendar or Etar) synced back to the cloud. All of the devices were okay.
Granted that was a long time ago but I doubt anything has changed in that regard. At least I hope not.

So with CalDav I could use murena e-mail address to synchronize:

  • contact list
  • calendar (e.g. with Etar)
  • notes (I do not know with which app?)

And what about the text messages? Could they be synchronized with Murena cloud e.g. with help of QKSMS?

Currently I use not /e/ os.

Far as I know text messages are a carrier/local thing. No connection to Murena.
For that you would probably use a SMS backup tool like SMS Import / Export or SMS Backup & Restore (App Lounge or Aurora Store).

For Notes use Nexicloud Notes.

Makes sense with text messages.
Regarding Notes I’ve tried to use Nextcloud Notes but they require Nextcloud files which I do not see on F-Droid. Could you please advise how did you make it working with Nextcloud Notes for Murena account?

This info I receive from Nextcloud Notes app from F-droid, but at the same time I cannot find there Nextcloud Files app :thinking:

Ah, yes. Nextcloud client is available from App Lounge and F-Droid.
See this post…

EDIT: I forget that there are other notes apps that may be compatible with existing Murena notes. Like Quillpad maybe.

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It worked, thank you :heart:


Also no, But 20 charactors

Indeed Quillpad is. The sync with Murena is ok.

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