Calendar : any offline option?


when I try to open Calendar, there is a pop up windows asking me to log in … and by not doing it and refusing Calendar to access the contacts, I am not able to add contacts.

Any suggestion for a good calendar app? I just need an app with local backup (SD/USB…) and reminders, no logging in, and no strange permissions/privacy issues.

Thank you for your suggestions

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Your best bet.


Hi, I have tried the Calendar app from Simple Mobile Tools, but I was not able to get the notification of the event (I mean, no reminder at all of the upcoming event).
Has anybody experience the same issue? Or is it an issue with my settings (although I was quite sure it was properly set up…)?


If you want to sync a calendar from your EDrive with DavX

Notifications are working for me.


Offiline calendar if fine by me (only backup on microSD if needed). But I was not able to get the notifications (reminders) of an event … I will see with the next one… and check what could be wrong