Calendar app does not sync while all the e-cloud works perfectly

Hi, sorry, I need help with the calendar where the sync went on a silent strike, while everything else works perfectly. The following screenshot might help illustrating the problem:

You can see that the latest sync of most services has been lately (in August), while calendar and contacts are un-synced since 15th July. This, despite auto-sync being activated and me repeatedly using the “sync-now” option. Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

I am using a Galaxy S7 which I had ordered pre-installed. We use the calendar jointly within the family. My partners phone (non-e) synchronizes perfectly with the cloud calendar. So the issue is quite clearly with my phone, I guess.

Obviously, I have given the calendar app all the required permissions. I was surprised, however, not to see network access among those.

Hello @nmw,
could you fix your problem? I have a similar scenario. There are two workarounds that I have found (but that are not very comfortable):

  • After a phone restart, the synchronization (normally) works again for one to several days.
  • In “Accounts”, select the /e/ account and then “Account extra settings”. Tap on the big blue name of your account. Finally, press the sync button in the lower right corner. The calendar and tasks should get synchronized again, but probably only this time.

This is obviously not a perfect situation. I have also written an e-mail to the helpdesk.