Calendar app: how to prevend made notes from disappearing after 3 months

Dear all,

Using the standard ‘Calendar-app’ I find that made notes disappear after 3 months.

Any advice on how I can change this, please?

Thank you.

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I find that 90 day limit in

Settings > Accounts > top item: my-name-murena account > My Account > Settings (additional) > Tap on coloured-named block, top part of screen > top right gear icon > Scroll to CalDAV > Past event time limit.

No experience changing it.

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I have an empty field defined (= sync ALL events), it works fine (though I use another CalDAV, not murena - but that should work the same way). But be prepared for sync taking some time … depending on amount of events of course

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Thank you ‘obacht’ and ‘aibd’, I read both your suggestions ‘aibd’s’ seemed the more easy one.
I could change the 90 days in another amount of days, will find out if it works.

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