Calendar app usability / Delete all events / sync with ecloud weird

Hi, yesterday I got a serious problem with my calendar app. While doing some testing for reporting a bug in the calendar, I chose to delete a yearly-repeated event - and because of an understanding problem I chose “Delete all events”. (My understanding of “Delete all events” was not, that it wipes out the whole calendar, all events for all days, all my birthday events and so on. I understood it as “Delete all events from this repetetion serie, those events in the past and those in the future”. Compare it to the other option, that was given: “Delete this and all forthcoming events”. This option would leave the events in the past untouched. There should definitely be no such option, to wipe out the whole calendar, when I click on one specific event!!! ) Be it as it is, now I lost all my events on my device, a Fairphone 3 with /e/ OS.
Is there some possibility to get those data back? I have synchronization to the murena cloud enabled for calendar. Is there some sort of backup?
The synchronisation status on murena cloud is somewhat weird, by the way.
Watching the calendar data via still shows some events, but they are not shown on my phone. I have triggered synchronization of calendar data already this morning, and it shows successful sync for calendar, but still cloud and phone are not in sync.
Another problem on the phone: all birthday events are gone in the calendar, but they are still set in the Contacts for my people.

Help would be appreciated.

Thanks Holger

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There is an adapter / converter on F-droid perhaps this could help

  1. could you re-create a screenshot of the situation? was it in the Web or App interface? if App, which /e/-version used?

In App: if I delete recurring events on the option “All Events / Alle Termine” it will only delete the recurring-series, not all Events of the calendar?

In Web: it will only offer to delete the series… if you can find an issue reflecting yours at this can help

what am I missing?

  1. Re-creating the birthday-calendar can be done with the procedure described at … it also links the underlying issues. You’d need to write murena support to run the cli command with your user though.

Oh @tcecyk! that explains

My calendar (default on /e/, etar-fork) could display the birthdays from contacts properly. Why do I need a separate adapter now? No way to get original functionality back?