Calendar don't show my contacts birthday reminders

Calendar shows the birthday reminders only for contacts of my ecloud account. Unfortunately my contacts are hosted on another carddav account.
The contact app works fine but Calendar never shows the reminders for these…
I use “Simple agenda” app instead of Calendar (the look and feel is very similar) and everything is OK, meaning I have reminders for the wholeset of contacts (both ecloud and carddav servers).
Just for info I’m using /e/ on my MI8 dipper with the latest R release, but the behavior was similar with the Pie and Q versions.

Use Simple Calendar, this shows birthdays and also local holidays.

As said in my post, I use it :grin:

You said you use Simple agenda.

sorry for my mismatch, you’re right and I’m wrong!

I.ll give simple calendar a try

In fact I’m using Simple Calendar but in my app list it’s labelled Simple agenda. Strange…

What about the /e/ calendar? It is based on Etar.

Does this show birthdays from contacts?

For me yes.
However, my contacts are at mailbox dot org and not at /e/.

To get my contact birthdays to show in Calendar and/or Etar I had to do the following

  • Use the Web interface to the Calendar view on CardDAV server(s) (in my case and
    • In Settings & import, check the 'Enable birthday calendar box
  • On the phone, in Settings | Accounts | | Account extra settings | | Calendar tab | Three dots menu | Refresh calendar list. ‘Contact birthdays’ should appear in the list
  • Press the ‘Sync now’ button ( the circular one in the bottom right of the screen)

Your contact’s birthdays should now be visible in Calendar and/or Etar. (I use - and have tested this feature in - both apps). Both of the servers I use are NextCloud servers. If your Caldav/CardDav server uses a different platform, the steps may differ.

Good luck!

I try, but the web interface doesn’t offer the possibility to “enable calendar box”.
So I’m stuck!
Basically the problem seem to be on Etar and/or Calendar because I don’t understand why it is focused on " remote" contacts and don’t take care of locally stored contacts.

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I use an old version of /e/OS, locally only (no syncronization with any services), and with the preinstalled calendar app (Calendar = Etar).
Having had some issues (see my old post Calendar : any offline option? - #9 by sonyxa2 in the same thread) to create and manage an offline calendar, I was finally happy with the management of the notification by Calendar Notification. Perhaps it can help.

thanks for your reply.
I have understood the behavior of Simple Calendar which is not implemented in Calendar.
In SC when you click on “Add your contacts birthday” SC read all your contacs and add an event at the corresponding date in your local offline agenda. It’s a little buggy because if you click 2 times you have 2 events, 3 times 3 events and so on…
Calendar just haven’t that feature, it’s managed by the nextcloud server itself wich create a separate agenda with your contacts birthday events.
So of course with Calendar you’re limited to the birthday of your contacts hosted on the nextcloud server.