Calendar is not syncing

Dear Team, my Calendars are Not syncing anymore. The setting is showing nothing.
I deleted my e Account and added IT New, but IT is still Not working.

Thanks for the help

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After removing and adding the ecloud Account several Times, now there is small progress, but just some contacts are synced and no calendar at All.

Hi @jalmer my apologies if I worded this as if you were without experience. :blush:

There was a prolonged outage reported yesterday, so that might have been responsible for the unfortunate start. In my experience sync can take a while; I have learned only to include the most important things first, leaving photos etc till after the earlier groups are fully synced.

While continued switching of the sync button may not help, going about your day switching between networks might stimulate things.

Dear Team,

Cloud is back and working better than before. Thanks