Calendar notification in status bar every 2-3 minutes

Galaxy S9 just updated to Q.

The notification for the stock calendar app is firing off every 2-3 minutes for some reason. These notifications for it cannot be turned off - the sliders/buttons to turn them off do not respond. You can only set them to Alerting or Silent (down one submenu into the notifications themselves). I think it might be the calendar ‘Alert Sync’ notification but I am not entirely sure. This repeating notification itself just says ‘Event Notifications’ when you slide down from the top bar.

This is the same bug I experienced when I was trying out /e/ on an Essential PH-1. It was annoying enough that I gave up and went back to LineageOS - why is this happening on the S9 now?

I am also having this issue on a XZ2C.
This bug is already reported on Github:
Also have a look here:
Recently moved my FP3 to /e/ and am getting constant calendar notifications

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If you look at the circled text, this is already known about and on some ‘to do’ list apparently?

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Adding info here for posterity. I was pointed to this thread about uninstalling or disabling the default apps. This stopped the calendar notification from going off repeatedly.

Just wondering, what version of Android are you guys using? This issue doesn’t seem to happen on Nougat or Pie.

@marcdw Q on FP3 for me


Same issue on GS290 with android Q.

Added my 2 cents to issue #2049 :thinking:

@Manoj when can we expect a fix for this? It’s been affecting more and more users and also seems like an old bug (> 6 months).

Just yesterday this bug has been pushed from /e/ v0.18 to /e/ v0.19. So a bugfix for this problem will not get included in the upcoming 0.18 release.


how disappointing.

I agree. Will check with the team and update on what is causing the delay in its closure