Uninstall default apps

Hello all,

Just trying the ROM for the first time, before installing I was thinking that I was going to have full control of the OS, but at my surprise, the default apps cannot be uninstalled.

This is intentionally done? Any way to remove them?



Search the forum, you’ll see it’s an already answered topic :slight_smile:

The issue has been raised here several times.

In the near future the pre-installed apps should be completely uninstallable, according to the plan of the /e/ administration.

At the moment there is only the possibility to delete pre-installed apps manually. My first attempt to remove the WEATHER app was successful. Take a look at Can I Delete the Weather widget


Hi @svprdga, not sure if there is any custom ROM in which you can remove system apps. We are planning on implementing it but it is a bit complicated and may need a lot of code changes. Do not have an ETA on this.

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I flashed Lineage addonsu 16.0 (I use e pie).
Turned on root access in Developer options.
Total commander now allows me to uninstall unwanted apps.

Yes, with root access many things are possible.

The “su-Addon” is officially supported under LineageOS and can be flashed quickly and easily via TWRP.

Nevertheless I prefer “Magisk” for root access because it is a systemless root method.

For private use I prefer an unrooted device.


However, this does not mean that Magisk is a delicate and safe solution. Just take a look at why the LineageOS developers hate it: https://www.reddit.com/r/LineageOS/comments/a4rlox/requesting_a_good_explanation_on_why_magisk_is_bad/

On the latest android versions the root rights are manually given to each application separately. It solves some old problems and makes AddonSU looks more attractive then before. You can also hide its presence with iSU.

I don’t hate anything and nobody.

Every user has his favorites.

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Where can I find it?

Does it delete or only deactivate unwanted apps?

Are there any risks it negative consequences?


With root access you can delete unwanted apps.
Also know that you risk screwing your device. If unsure then don’t attempt!


uninstall system apps android without root using adb shell comments
It’s easy and useful
this comment
pm uninstall -k --user 0 < and package program name >

for example
if you want delete mail program
pm uninstall -k --user 0 foundation.e.mail

try it


Yes, I have tried it successfully here

It is exactly what I wanted, thanks!!

I don’t know if it’s because of that but after I uninstalled the torch light app with
pm uninstall -k --user 0 foundation.e.light
and set up some other things, my home screen is only showing me a loading circle.

Has anyone had the same issue ?
I wouldn’t expect a torch app to have such an effect on the OS but maybe I’m wrong.

If system apps are removed, unforeseeable risks are always to be expected. A combination of several changes increases the susceptibility to errors.

What does “and some other things” actually mean?

Have you ever tried how the system behaves if you just remove the e.light app alone?

Well after reflashing /e/ and re-setting up my phone without uninstalling any system app, it seems that was it.

Didn’t you think it was possible at all that it was due to “and set up some other things” ?

As far as I remember I just installed some apps. I can’t be 100% sure but I did the same setup since then and it works fine.
To be sure one would have to uninstall the torch app on a freshly installed /e/, reboot it and see what happens but I don’t have the time right now.

I’ve already tried step-by-step uninstalling …

[org.microg] GmsCore.apk

without any negative effects on the /e/ OS system. Isn’t that crazy, right?


But you have to ensure that another launcher is installed BEFORE you remove Bliss. Otherwiese your device will not boot :wink: