Calendar notification very late

In recent weeks the event notifications from my calendar started arriving several days after the event. This had been working fine until recent weeks. I did not knowingly change anything. I’m using the preinstalled calendar app.

Has anyone else seen this? Suggestions?

Pixel XL pie 0.18-20210815130098

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Did you ever experience the bug of constant calendar notifications too?

I had some reminders in the events changed out of the blue. Maybe check that.

I haven’t updated anything (unofficial build) so I suspect the change originates from the e Cloud sync.

No, I have not seen constant notifications.

I have not noticed any reminders changing. When I look at them after getting late notifications, they are still set for notification before the event as originally set.

Hello, I also have the nofications from the default calendar app showing up 1 day late.

FP4 1.20-s