Calendar sync problems & confusing account settings

I am trying to troubleshoot my calendar sync problems. I did not change any settings, but since a couple of weeks the calendar syncing has become unstable on my fairphone 3. If I enter events on the phone they don’t get transferred to the web-calendar on and hence will not be synced to my thunderbird.

I went to account-settings to check for sync-settings. there I find the following accounts:
A. (calendar-sync turned on, as well as tasks, notes and address-book, last synced 4 days ago)
B. contacts ( Hg) (turned on)
D. Signal
E. Calendar-Abos, WebCalendarManager
F. WhatsApp

What I find confusing:

  1. why is there a separate account (B)for contacts, if there already is an option to sync contacts in account (A) ?

  2. Do I stilll need (C) the DavX5 account / the DavX4 App? I cannot remember if this is an essential system app or if it’s something I had installed 2 years ago when I had troubles syncing calendars

  3. What on earth is (E) WebCalendarManager ???

  4. Is there a simple way of troubleshooting calendar sync issues. I am really quite sure I never changed any settings and it suddenly stopped working.

I am grateful for any tipps.

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  1. valid question. Technically they’re different types for accountmanager (née davx5), see:
    sqlite3 -line /data/system_de/0/accounts_de.db 'select * from accounts;'
    “” vs “foundation.e.accountmanager.eelo.address_book”. I haven’t read the code, but suspect by looking at the setup process AM will create entries for each remote addressbook you have
  2. not if you experience no bugs ? :slight_smile: accountmanager == renamed davx5. They should be able to coexist though in theory.
  3. that is to query web ical endpoints, different protocol that caldav. Should be part of am/davx
  4. adb logcat mostly when you invoke the sync mechanism and see errors - there are on-device apps to do so too (search forum for logfox) - but I find debugging via usb more comfortable still

If i’d be you and not in a debug / bughunt mood, backup contacts in .vcf just in case, remove all dav* (a b c) accounts, remove davx5, re-setup. It resets probably file sync state, but it’s not destructive.

Edit: to be clear I simplified in 2. - accountmanager has code modifications to davx5 to ease the setup-wizard process

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