Calendar "virus" message app


I have installed a crappy app that put some events in my calendar for two months. The events says my Android had virus and asks me to click on a link.

I don’t see anywhere how to suppress these events or how to wipe out all calendar events. These events don’t appear on murena. Anyway, I’ve disabled the sync with calendar. I tried to clear storage and data bit it’s still there. What can I do ?

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That is an interesting one. If it isn’t synced, you should be able to use the Etar app to manage an offline calendar and delete it entirely, then add a new one.

The included calendar app may even be Etar, so just try the settings there first.

Etar > Settings > Default > Delete calendar

Curious what malicious app did it though.

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The Calendar app is basically a window on to the data stored by the Calendar Storage system app. To delete all your Calendar events you need to clear the storage of that app, not the Contacts app.

  • Settings | Apps | Show all nnn apps
  • From the ‘3 dots’ menu choose SHow system
  • Scroll down and click on Calendar Storage
  • Click Storage and cache, then Clear storage

All your synched events will reappear next time you sync wiht your eCloud account. Hopefully, the virus events will be gone

The same applies if you ever need to delete all contacts data - clear the storage of the Contacts storage system app


I already tried to wipe out data and cache storage from the app but it doesn’t work. These events even don’t appear on the calendar on my murena cloud when I go on the browser.

I was looking for Mario World app and it was an app pretending it was this game. I was stupid because I authorize access to the calendar. The app hadn’t got any title on my phone but I could uninstall it with Android Assistant app.

I will try with the app Etar and will told you the result.

PLease re-read what I write above. Clearing storage from the Calendar app will not work (as you have fiund out). You need to clear the storage of the Calendar Storage system app which is a completely different app.

The Etar app is just another calendar app like Calendar. It shows the calendar data which is stored by the Calendar Storage system app. Cleaning the storage of the Etar will not work either.

I repeat, you need to clear the storage of the Contacts Storage system app. As I described above


Sorry you’re right I’ve misread you.

Thank you for your help I could wipe out storage of the calendar app and everything’s fine now.

I upload two screenshots in case of someone need more detail.

Thanks again !

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