Calendar Widget displays wrong day for events

The default calendar widget in /e/OS (v.1.21) is consistently one day off. In other words, Sunday events display under Saturday, Monday events under Sunday, etc. Today’s events display correctly, after displaying incorrectly for days.

I checked time and date settings, which are correct. Switching between manual and auto time/date has no effect.


I wanted to replicate this but failed, would you mind post an example screenshot and maybe the event-details (as in, whole-day event, timezone) ?

Thank you for taking an interest in this question, especially since this widget apparently works for other people.

I configured the Calendar with timed and all-day events for the next few days (all in GMT-6 timezone, which is correct; today is indeed Sunday the 14th). The Calendar itself is correct but the Calendar Widget has some strange mistakes if you look closely at the dates (see attached).

Maybe I threw the wrong switch somewhere? But this widget has never worked for me.

Here’s what the Calendar itself looks like:

Me too. Deleted the widget, no change. Deleted App Data and Cache, no change. Restarted phone, no change.

well darn…fixed it 1 minute later… Settings–> System–> Date&Time. Change Set Time Automaticacally to on

I tried changing those parameters, and also rebooting, but no joy. The issue seems to show up when you have an appointment scheduled for the next day.

The first three lines for me look like this:

Apr 21
Tomorrow, Sun, Apr 21

(Tomorrow is actually Monday, Apr 22.)

The rest of the appointments show up shifted one day as well.

My current workaround is to use a different widget, Event Flow, which isn’t quite as useful but at least shows appointments occurring on the proper days. :sunglasses:

I can confirm that the recent upgrade to /e/OS v. 2.0 did NOT fix the widget issue for me. It still lists appointments one day off the particular day of the week. I’m no longer using this widget, as noted above.

I also have this problem. So many problems with eOS piling up. Problems that I assumed had been solved a decade ago.

It’s a dilemma isn’t it? On one hand, I will never run unmodified Android. I refuse to give gargantuan quantities of personal data to a rapacious company like Google that makes its living via surveillance capitalism. On the other hand, /e/OS has a fair number of inconveniences and quirks that make day-to-day use challenging (especially if most of your friends and relatives use iOS, as is the case with me).

/e/OS is certainly an amazing effort. A relatively small team (I assume) has turned Android – a privacy disaster – into something that genuinely respects user privacy in a profound way. Better than Android, better than iOS, better than possibly any other phone OS. They are really to be commended for this astounding feat.

But, yes, I do miss having a Tasks app that syncs reliably and lets me share a grocery list with my wife. Or a built-in Calendar widget that actually works. Or a full-featured texting app like iMessage. Or having the native ability to remotely wipe the phone if I lose it. Or … a few other things.

/e/OS has certainty improved, even over the few months I’ve been using it. And some of its features actually surpass those of the big players. Version 2.0 fixed one of my big annoyances (now I can reorder app icons within a folder – yay!). But, of course, more money and more programmers would move the process along faster. I hope this project can grow and thrive. I’m going to stick with it and see what happens.