Call bug not hearing


I have installed /e/ os on my xiaomi A1 and I cannot hear anything while calling ?
Does not work in headmode either !

Can you help me?

Pl can you share details as to what was the stock ROM version you were on. Have you flashed the official /e/ build? If downgrading from Pie to Oreo on the MiA1 the phone can have such issues.

Many thanks for your answer
Actually i just followed the instructions on the website

I read in my phone
microG version

system version

api lineage
ilama (9)

version de bande de base

version du noyau

numéro de build
lineage_tissot-userdebug 8.1.0 OPM7.181205.001 32fc627707 dev-keys

Hi @alMo i believe you are seeing these details on your phone now. After flashing /e/ ROM.
Wanted to check what ROM were you on previously. Before you flashed the /e/ ROM. Was it the stock ROM or some other custom ROM. Which version of the ROM was it Pie or Oreo.

Before that i was on the normal Android. I think thé last version

It was reported and a solution posted in this treat Xianomi Mia1 Tissot sound problem.

Hope it help

Thanks. But this vert new for me.
Van you explain me what to do exactly?

Do you feel comfortable with the device rooting, @alMo ?

What you need to do is this:

Root your phone
(My recommendation is to do with magisk)

Download a root file explorer

Open the file build.prop located in /system

Find the lane “” (might vary a little bit)

Replace it by “” (Without quotes of course)

Save build.prop and double check that saves have been done

Reboot your phone

Be careful when playing with the build.prop because it may result in a bootloop!!

You should now be able to call people!

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Sorry I am not confortable with Magisk, it is may day 2 with a non official version and so far I cannot call anyone !
I have used adb and fastboot as described in this page

Can you explain me in the same details what to do ?

@alMo I solved the problem following the posted procedure. My only suggestion is to flash the stock rom Android 7.2 or 7.8, WHICH WERE THE FIRST TWO STOCKS verify your phone (call, receive, talk, hear) and, after that, try again with the latest build of /e/ for your device.

**Or try the procedure, solve the problem and then reflash /e/ without magisk.

I managed to install magisk and have superuser rights.
I modify the file build.prop with “amaze text editor”, I click on save button but when I read again the file changes are not taken into account.
Quite strange
What to do?

That’s probably because you don’t have a Write access. With the “MK Explorer” app, click on the 3 dots next to the build.prop file, then Property and check all W line in order to be able to edit the file.

Don’t forget to uncheck when you’ve finished.

@alMo, @Anonyme is correct. And, giving another twist to the problem: Did you confirm your root file explorer has root access on magisk?

You’re almost there!!
It’s simpler than the way @Anonyme is pointing at.

Many thanks for you help. I managéd to apply thé changes.


I’m glad could help you, @alMo. It’s the goal of these forums.

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Very Sorry, I claimed victory too quicly.
Acutally my micro is not working !
Can you help me ?

Hello , @alMo . I didn’t have that problem with my device. Have you check xda forums?

Hello all,

I finally flashed /e/ on my Mi A1 after months of eyeing the project and doubting whether I should. It works like a charm and after several days of getting accustomed and trying to find replacement apps I’ve settled in nicely and use this rom as my daily driver.

However, one thing is frustrating. Every now and then I cannot call, as is stated in this bug. What’s interesting is that when this happens and I reboot, I can actually have a phone conversation because I hear the other person and he/she hears me. I did not yet see this information, so wanted to share this hear. It might help in solving the problem, because somehow the call functionality “breaks” during the day. How might this be possible?

In addition: I’ve in the meantime figured out that it seems as if using earphones with microphone (both bluetooth and with 3,5mm jack) seems to “break” the call functionality. That is: I can’t hear the other person and he/she can’t hear me. A reboot fixes this, until trying to use earphones with microphone again. Can others reproduce this?

Which version of the stock OS were you on previously and which version of /e/ did you try flashing?