Call forwarding fails


when I try to forward calls (Galaxy S9, Mexican Telcel network) I always get the error message “Call settings error - Unexpected response from network.”.

Is this a problem related to this specific provider, may there be a problem forwarding to virtual numbers (Zadarma) or something else?

Is there an alternative way to forward calls?

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I was getting this on a new Fairphone 4 with /e/ OS 1.12.3, carrier: T-Mobile USA.

When I tried to change busy/unanswered call forwarding settings, I would see:

Call settings

:recycle: Reading settings…


Call settings error

Network or SIM card error.

I touched OK, and those two dialogs showed up a few more times (maybe once for each call forwarding setting?).

Some workaround ideas…

  1. move the SIM card into a different phone, try changing call forwarding settings. (this is what I did)
  2. use (these appear to work too)
  3. try a different dialer app.

My phone is a Fairphone 3 running e/OS/1.14-s-202308155320616-stable-FP3, with dual SIM cards. Is there a setting for call waiting, that a notification would be displayed so that I could decide whether to stay in the first call or finish it and answer the second call? Is it a service provider setting perhaps?

I changed one of my SIM cards due to changing workplaces, and call waiting used to work like this before, but with my new SIM I’m not getting any notifications any more, only a service text message later about a failed call attempt.

My second question is, is there a way to make the system read the phone number belonging to the SIM?
Thank you very much in advance.