Call forwarding, waiting and blocking


Learn to configure the following call related settings on your /e/ phone:

  • Call forwarding when busy, unanswered, unreachable or permanently.
  • Enable or disable call waiting notification during an active voice call.
  • Call blocking to disable calls or texts from a number.


  • A phone running /e/OS inserted with an active 3G/4G SIM card.

Let’s roll.

1. Call forwarding

Open Phone app to tap on top-right icon to open Settings.

From Settings open 'Calling accounts’

In ‘Calling accounts’, tap on your SIM card network name under Settings. For example, JIO in my case.

In Settings page of your SIM card network, JIO in my case, tap 'GSM call settings’

Under ‘GSM call settings’ tap on 'Call forwarding’

In ‘Call forwarding settings’ select the one of self-explanatory option. For the purpose of this guide, let us select ‘When unreachable’.

Enter your the desired number you wish the call to be forwarded to in the respective field or select one from Contacts by tapping on the icon to the right.

Tap ‘TURN ON’ to enable it and once updated it should appear as seen in the image below.

You can tap the appropriate option again to ‘TURN OFF’ or disable it or update the number when required.

2. Call waiting notification

Navigate to ‘GSM call settings’ of your SIM card as above to tap on ‘Additional settings’.

In Additional settings, you can enable or disable ‘Call waiting’ notification using the easy toggle switch in a single tap.

Calling waiting notification turned on as seen in the image below.

3. Call blocking

Open Phone app to tap on top-right icon to open Settings.

From Settings tap on ‘Call blocking’ option.

’Blocked numbers’ settings page opens, here you can tap ‘ADD A NUMBER’ to manually input a phone number that you wish to block and not receive any calls or texts from. Simple!

Input a phone number and tap ‘BLOCK’ to add it to the ‘Blocked numbers’ list.

You can tap on the ‘X’ icon to the right of a blocked number to ‘UNBLOCK’ it.

Thanks for reading!

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