Call recording in /e/OS

Here I would like to talk about the implementation of сall recording function. From development change logs I can assume that this direction is in the spotlight, but it’s not quite clear what to expect in the final release.

What is the development team’s position regarding this feature? Will it be implemented and available by default? Or if not, will the existing android’s limitations be removed from /e/OS to help third-party apps like Call Recorder do their job best?

When a call is in progress there is an option to record the call - never tried it , but is that not working ?

Also not sure call recording is legal in all countries. Users are expected at the least to inform the party on the other side that the call is being recorded. Have you tried using third party apps on your phone and if yes was there an issue with their functioning.

Actually, I haven’t had a chance to try this feature myself either, because my guinea pig Xiaomi is running without SIM. But I’d like to have call recorder at my disposal, because it’s very useful when you’ve forgotten something important from a recent conversation, but can’t call that person again.

And speaking of legality, I don’t think it matters for an aftermarket ROM that user downloads and installs himself. But of course, we have to be ethical using call recording. Personally, I wouldn’t want anyone to keep my conversations for more than a few days.

The main thing I want to know now is whether this feature will be available in the final release and will it work always and everywhere.

So, is call recording working no matter what country you are in then? I need an answer before I flash my OnePlus (:

Recording without consentement is illegal.

On F-Droid there is an app called « call recorder »

I want to know if inbuilt call recording feature is working, not if an app is on F-Droid. I look at LineageOS and it says LineageOS disables call recording deoending which country you are in.

So is inbuilt call recording working, and is it working in all countries?

And why is everyone always talking about call recording and legal? In my country you cannot send naked pictures to strangers but /e/ doesn’t block MMS per country… It’s not option that is illegal it is user behavior!

How much profitable is the call recording function if it doesn’t work on an automatic basis and you have to turn it on manually every time? (that’s how it works in LOS)
I suppose you would like to go for a third-party implementation yourself if your need for call recording is substantial. Look at Axet’s Call Recorder module from Magisk repo – perhaps this is the simplest way to make it work on android 9+.