🔊 Call to Action: Help us test ASHA protocol for Hearing Aids!

Dear /e/OS Community,

We’re excited to announce that we are gearing up to enhance our support for ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids) protocol in /e/OS. To ensure a seamless experience for users with hearing aids, we’re calling on the community to join us in this testing phase.

How you can help

If you own a hearing aid peripheral that supports the ASHA protocol, we would be immensely grateful for your assistance. By becoming a tester, you play a crucial role in evaluating the code modifications and providing valuable feedback. You can share your feedback on this GitLab issue, In case you are having issues with GitLab please refer this guide.

What’s involved

  • Testing the ASHA protocol functionality on your device.
  • Sharing your user experience and feedback with our development team.

Why your participation matters

Your input helps us refine and improve the compatibility of /e/OS with hearing aid peripherals. By participating, you contribute to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all users.

How to get involved

  1. Comment below if you’re interested in participating.
  2. Share the make and model of your hearing aid peripheral.
  3. Our team will guide you through the testing process.

How to test

Below the step to pair your device:

  1. Tap on Settings > Accessibility > Hearing aids.
  2. Pair the hearing aids peripheral.
  3. Once selected the device went back to Accessibility settings and it should be connected.
  4. Audio should be now transfered to your hearing aids peripheral.

Thank You

We deeply appreciate your support in making /e/OS more inclusive. Together, let’s ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of open-source technology.

Thank you for being a vital part of the /e/OS community!

Best regards,

Murena team

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This is excellent, and in my opinion something that’s much needed.

I asked a question here 18 months ago about direct audio streaming to hearing aids, unfortunately with no replies.

I use a Fairphone 3+ and, having done some further research, understood that the inability to do this was due to a hardware restriction with the phone. If this is wrong and there was a software solution that would be great.

In any case I’d be interested in testing if it would help. My hearing aids are Danalogic Ambio S 77, which I believe are the standard ones provided by the NHS in the UK.

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Thanks for offering to help @dave. We have been receiving requested centered around ASHA protocol for some time. You can share your comments and offer to assist on the gitlab issue

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Hello! New poster to the community. I’ve tried setting up the streaming to my hearing aids and my Murena Fairphone 4 shows acknowledgement of the hearing aids as a bluetooth device but never completes the connection nor succeeds in streaming to the hearing aids

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Hi @snarl you can share your feedback on the gitlab issue . If you are new to the Gitlab this guide would be helpful.


I am now testing ASHA on my wife’s hearing aids and stable redfin.

I cant register to the /e/ Gitlab, so how else may I provide feedback? Testing Group Telegram channel?

Pl check this guide in case you have issues joining Gitlab

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