Call transfer in dual sim samsung S8 with /e/

Hello everybody,

Do you know how I could transfer calls from a sim to another (samsung S8 with dual sim with /e/) ? I can’t find a transfer possibility in the settings :-(…
The second sim does not work anymore since last /e/ update :-(((.
Thank you very much !

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a carrier feature may can do that.


In Phone app, search for “GSM call settings” in “Calling Accounts”.

Thank you !
I tried but when I select Calling account and Call Transfer for the second sim,
I have a window saying: Call settings error: Network or sim card error.
Since the update, the second sim seems to be inexistant…

But Ok indeed the carrier can do that, thank you too !

Have you tried to invert SIMcards for testing (unlock something) ?

Yes, I have. This is the place where the second sim is that provides no information about the sim. If I put the first sim in the place for sim 2, the first sim does not work either. But I wrote another topic for that.
My question about call transfer has been answered, thanks a lot !

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