Calling not longer works but internet works after last update

After /e/OS update 0.22-202202241654877 on my Pixel 3a XL, I am no longer able to call or receive calls, but internet works. Also about this time the primary phone provider, US ATT stopped 3G service, (I use redpocket on the ATT network.) so it could be related to the ending of 3G service. I tried another dialing app, Simple Dialer, but it has the same issue. Any suggestions?

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Hi @erothoff, first go back to e-0.21-r-
or to the previous version you were used to use without this problem.

Looks like it is a 3g/VoLTE issue. USA ATT stopped 3G service. So after some more troubleshooting I found;
USA - T-mobile works on all three devices. (USA-T-mobile has not turned off 3G yet.)
My Le X22 - Worked with USA-ATT. It is running the older Android 9 /e/ and I tried both updates.
0.20-20211216151963 Android 9
My Motorola Lake XT1965-T - Revvlry+ Didn’t work with either US ATT sim
0.20-20211215151800 Android 10
Pixel 3a XL - Didn’t work with either US ATT sim
0.22-202202241654877 Android 11

Like I said, all three phones worked with USA T-Mobile SIM. Also on the Motorola and Pixel, I could not find where to confirm that VoLTE was enabled, which is now needed that 3G has been turned off on US ATT. Also, Wifi Calling use to not work, but I have not checked after this last update for US T-Mobile. (But doesn’t for US ATT, as I did check that.)

Check this:

Neither the Pixel nor Motorola has the option to change networks, but after the 0.23-20220401175186 update I was able to call with the Motorola XT1965-T after 2 reboots.

Just an update. After 2-3 days, the phone stopped working again. It went back to automatically hanging up when you dial. From what I read, it has something to do with the calls trying to use 3g to call rather than VoLTE.