Calls regularly cut off


I installed /e/ on my Samsung Galaxy S7 more than a month ago. Everything was fine but since about a week, with every /e/ updates, my calls are randomly disconnected. I can’t hear anything anymore and neither can the other person. It can be after 40 minutes or 3 minutes. The call window stays open.
How can I troubleshoot / get some help about this please?


@anata please raise this as an issue in Gitlab with logcat files (generated after such a call crash )attached as it will help the team understand the problem better.

Logs posted on gitlab:

hi @anata are you still facing this issue with /e/ ROM. Which version of the /e/ build are you on?
Do you face this issue with stock as well. I was checking the net and there seems to be some posts on call drops on S7

Hello, yes with /e/ ROM and with all builds I tried. I’m currently on 0.5-201903053915. I bought this phone for /e/ so I didn’t even booted on stock.
The link you gave me suggest to call my provider. I can try that.

Actually that would have been helpful to figure out if this issue of calls getting disconnected is specific to /e/ ROM or is happening on the stock ROM as well. Thanks for the logcat attached to your bug report.