Calls rejected by e-os-phone

hi, I discover today that my phone cannot receive calls any-more, they are rejected to voice-mail. I can make a call, receive and send SMS.

The OS was recently updated to
/e/OS 2.1-s-20240603406609-stable-GS290
I received successfully some calls 3 days ago (friday).

A similar problem was noticed in the forum (“incoming phone calls are rejected”, 2020), but no solution given there.

Did someone had the same problem, with an explanation? Where should I search; (I have contacted the operator).
Thank-you for your attention.


I got help from my telecom operator. I encountered the problem in a village where the network can sometimes fail. I was cheated because I could call, and SMS worked in both directions. Neither the GS290 phone nor the brand new /e/OS 2.1 were at fault.

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