Camera app crash

Hello everyone,

despite updates, the camera application crashes very often. In deed, i tried many camera apps, not just open camera and i have the same problem. Moreover, when an another app wants to use the camera, it’s crashes too. So, it’s necessary to reboot the phone. I have this probleme with : open camera (and another camera app), signal and what’sapp.
Apparently, it is “impossible to open the camera”.

Config : LeTv L2, x526, /e/ build : (with all the build) latest

anyone else have this problem ?

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Yes, this is a known issue, that I am experiencing too on my LeTv Le2. Although I do not need to reboot my phone.
Have a look here for the bugreport:

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Ok, Great !

Indeed, sometimes, i restart the app several times and it works.
Thanks for the bug report.


Is there any more current information on this? I just installed on a Nexus 5x and the camera crashes so much it’s not really usable. It causes a restart of the OS.

Having exact same problem on LeTv L2 x526 and latest build. Any updates? Anyone having same issue?