Camera App Issues with Galaxy S7 - regular quality

Hello Everyone,

I’m a happy user of /e/ on a Samsung S7 and everything looks well. But I’m having an issue with Camera app ( even with other camera apps from the store ) all photos seems very poor about quality and focus. I’ve already tried everything, auto focus, quality increase, etc but seems that is not working well.

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welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Is it a refurbished phone you bought on our store ?

Could we see one or two relevant pictures please ?

I had the same issue, and some solutions can be found in the French section of the forum:

  • using the API Camera2 in OpenCamera options(better but not perfect)
  • using another (proprietary) photo app such as FootejCamera (with default settings it is much better), A Better Camera, Camera MX

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Hello ! well my samsung S7 is not a refurbished, I just made all the process with the easy-instaler, but @ vlys:fr: has right, in the forum french this same situation was exposed. I think I’m going to look for an alternative camera app. Thanks to much to clarify.