Camera App on redmi 9s


I’m an happy user of /e/OS (many thanks) 1.19.1-s on my redmi 9s (miatoll).
As you can see on device page, there is 5 camera, 3 usable at rear (48 MP + 8 MP ultrawide + 5 MP macro) and 1 in front (16 MP). The last one is at rear, not directly usable (2 MP bokeh).
Unfortunately, the Camera app seems to only detect the main rear camera (48 MP) but it’s stuck at 12 MP and the front one (16 MP) stuck too, but at 4 MP. Camera app debug info give “No. of cameras: 2”, “Multi-camera?: false” and “Camera API: Camera2 (Android L)”.

I’ve installed /e/OS on a Redmi Note 7 (lavender) and it works better : 4 cameras detected (rear 12 MP flash always on, rear 5 MP, rear 12 MP, front 13 MP), multi-camera at true. Phone specs are rear 48 MP + rear 5 MP + front 13 MP.

Is there any trick to make it work better on my redmi 9s ? I miss the wide angle and the real macro…

I’ve already tried many combinations of options in the app… Camera API version too, without success.

There was a useful answer to a similar question here.

Thanks for answering my question, even though it seems like a polite version of RTFM :joy:
Note that the documentation is not up to date and the buttons do not look like what is shown :kissing_heart:

Can someone who have a Redmi 9s with /e/OS tell me if he can switch between cameras (all, not just main front/rear) ?

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