Camera App UI suggestions

Are there any plans to improve the camera app UI? Many times instead of taking a photo I end up fat-fingering into video mode, or the front facing camera, or hitting the zoom slider. It would be a great help to move the controls a little further apart.

Along these lines, is it possible to use different side buttons to take a picture? On my S9 the volume up/down buttons take the photo but being adjacent to the lens it is somewhat awkward and off-balance to hold the camera in your right hand and reach over with your thumb to take a pic. It would be nicer to use the Bixby button which is easier and more natural to reach, or even better, the power button on the other edge of the phone, to take a photo?

Thank you for reading.

Yes there is, read this through.

I would wait those changes and if still some improvement ideas, then suggesting those. With that said I quite often also accidentally, either shoot video, change to selfie camera or zoom. :slight_smile: Anyway I do hope UI will still be friendly to use with one hand too, but that remains to be seen.