Camera from Lock Screen?

My old phone had LOS-14.1 and when I clicked the Start button (in standby mode) it would display the Camera icon in the lower-Right corner. I could drag that up and use it to take pics. I still had to unlock to do anything with them, but at least I could take a quick pic without unlocking.

I have searched around and cannot find a similar option in /e/. I tried setting the Camera app to use a quick double-click of the “Start,” but I still have to unlock and then ti will show the camera. Not all that helpful by then. :wink:

I don’t have to unlock when I enable Settings - System - Gestures - Jump to camera.

I didn’t use this with other OSes, but I know what you mean. Can’t find it either.

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If I double click the start button quickly when screen is off, the camera app just starts (like in android). Don’t know if it differs with regards to which version of e you use or which phone, but I did not have to adjust any settings for it.

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There are several options.

To launch the camera from the lockscreen (without unlocking):

  • Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Lock screen preferences -> Change shortcuts -> Set left or right shortcut to launch your preferred camera app

To set up physical (works from lock screen without unlocking) or virtual button shortcuts:

  • Settings -> System -> Gestures -> Jump to camera -> Enabled (“To quickly open camera, press the power button twice. Works from any screen.”)

  • Settings -> System -> Buttons -> Home double tap action (or select a different button/action) -> Launch camera


Ok, different Android versions could play a role then, this doesn’t exist in 0.15-q-20210316105636-dev-FP3 (Settings - About phone - Android version - /e/ version).
Security and Privacy are separated items in Settings, neither have “Lock screen preferences” or anything else to set this shortcut to the camera.

Did you set up a screen lock, i.e. do you need to unlock the screen first if it was off?
I have a screen lock, and if the mentioned gesture setting is disabled, the camera doesn’t start with the screen locked or off.

Quite possible. I’m running a custom build by steadfasterX based on P for an older phone (/e/ version 1.0-p-20210225-CUSTOM-h812_usu). It’s disappointing if Q did away with this option.

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Yes, I have a screen lock. I also use FP (FP3+) but with a stable build of 0.15 on Android 10.