Camera & Galery : how to store photos on microSD card

Hi - I’m just wondering if I was able to store photos and vidéos on my microSD card using /e/ on-board apps ?

Looking in the parameters section on either app I found nothing helpful nor do these apps ask me a storage location (like others do) …

Read one or two of these threads here.

Following thèse links I found out the workflow

1/ change the storage parameters in Caméra
2/ open the app manager in paramètres : delete anything & force shut down on both apps : Caméra & Galerie
3/ reboot the système
4/ everything works fine

Pictures are stored on the microSD card and appear in the Galerie after being taken

Thank you so much

The method I posted yesterday is not reliable

After trying a bit more, I’d recommend this workaround :

1/ go to paramètres : stockage
2/ chose your microSD card
3/ in the menu on top on the right choose : format microSD card as internal storage

Now both Caméra and Galerie will access the card and work reliably …

No need to replace Galerie with another app

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Formatting the SD card in the device where it should be used is always a good idea.

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The sd card shall be accessible in /e/OS & macOS systems.
I had it formatted for these …