Camera issues Fairphone 4

I have the FP4 with eOS 1.8 bought on Murena store (I’ve been updating from 1.6 and these issues persist in all three versions).

In my case the most important issue I have is:

  1. The sound quality when recording video is very low.

It’s stereo, both mics are used, but there’s some filter like “noise gate” or “noise reduction” and when I see the recorded clip, the quite sounds are not recorded or very distorted. The loud sounds (like music on a high volume) are recorded but with some distortion too. It’s not happening if I choose in the camera app “Unprocessed” sound source, but in this case the sound level is very low, I have to put the volume on 100% to be able to hear fine the recorded clip sound.

Less important for me, but would be fine if they’re fixed one day:

  1. Image stabilizer not working when recording video, at least I can’t see any difference in the video when I record a clip with stabilization and without it.

  2. Wide-angle camera in low light conditions (at home in the evening, without the light from the window) sets the shutter speed 0.2sec and ISO to 1400 so the photos are get blurred, but it sets the exposure this way only while taking the photo, when I’m focusing it shows ISO5000 1/15 that would be ok (like a primary camera). I think it looks like a bug?

  3. Wide-angle camera ignores “sport” scene setting, it should raise the shutter speed (the primary one does it to 1/40) and ISO, but it does nothing (still on 1/15 an 0.2sec when taking a photo).

  4. Wide-angle camera in very low light conditions, if I set exposure bar completely to the right (+2 EV) it sets the ISO and shutter speed at max values (that’s ok) and hangs after I take a photo (that’s not ok) and shows “Camera severe error” message. Looks like some exposure parameter set by the camera app is not fully compatible with the camera.

  5. Mentioned in other threads infinite focus issue when the object is in move, on both cameras.

I bought my FP4 some months ago and I’m happy with it, in general the cameras are fine, with some manual tuning the points 2-5 have a workaround, but the point 1 is a problem for now. Does it happening to more people? Does anyone have a solution or a workaround?

Thanks in advance!

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I can see that since the update v1.10 the issues 1, 2, 5 and 6 are solved!

Big thanks to the dev team!!