Camera opens without my permission


my camera many times switches on - without my permission. I only move my smartphone and it turns on… How can I turn this function off? I didn’t find a possibility. I only want my camera working, when I decide let her working, for example when tapping on the app-icon.
I am using /e/ osprey on my motoG3 2015. The camera I use is preinstalled and from

Hope somebody can help me,
thank you


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have you checked gesture options in system settings ?

Hello Almalexia, I had this very same issue with my old Osprey on many different custom Roms and Android versions and I reached the conclusion that is a problem with the internal hardware sensors that are buggy or too sensitive, since the slightest twist-like movement launched the camera.

To disable it you need to navigate to;
Settings, scroll down to System, tap on advanced, then and and disable the “Double-twist” option.


yes I checked it - i did not gave any permission to the camera.

Hi TikiThorsen,

thanks for your response.
In the camera options I did not see something to disable the “double-twist” option. But in my android settings (System/Moto Actions/Doppeldrehung) I found the “double-twist” (Doppeldrehung) turned on…
I disable it, if the camera will not open anymore, this probably was the solution.

In some models, when you type camera in the Settings search box on top…you should see a jump to camera. Disable that to prevent this triggering of the camera app