Camera saves dark pictures

Updated to 0.21 and this annoying “feature” still persists. This has been the case since a purchased my Gigaset 290 almost a year ago.

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Is it really the camera app or is it the gallery which doesn’t show taken pictures?

I installed Simple Gallery to see the pictures the camera made and don’t use the stock gallery app anymore.

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Not sure I agree. Tried Simple Gallery but it didn’t change anything.

It’s the same trouble found here FP4 Camera Issues?

@Tore I used to have this issue too, very annoying. Can you describe the steps to replciate this issue and I will test on my phone.
I have a gs290 also and remember having this issue when i first got the phone (i think it was v0.15), but have not has the issue in a long time (currently on v0.18).

@mike_from_ireland jogged my memory! In default Camera there is a padlock top left hand corner. This fixes exposure but it can be hard to tell if it is open or locked! Of course if locked, all pictures can have same exposure error!

It is very simple. Once the picture is taken it looks OK for a split second. The it darkens significantly when I pull it back to view it, either from the lower right ring symbol in the camera app or from the album. It comes back normal but immediately darkens.
This makes it almost useless. I can’t find any way to change this in the settings.

Don’t think this is the case here. I believe this darkness happens during some postprocessing before saving.
Perhaps some attributes are “updated” by mistake?

That sounds the same to what I had.
I found that if I viewed the photos on my laptop they were not dark at all, they looked exactly how they should.
Have you tried viewing your photos on another device? If not, can you send one of the dark photos to another phone or computer and see how it looks?

I just tested that now, did not re-create the issue as Tore describes, also everytime the camera app is closed and then re-opened exposure is set to “unlocked”. Whereas Tore’s issue is persistent.

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I had this issue as well on my FP3 (0.21q).

Taking pics the camera showed them right after shooting, but opening in the stock gallery resulted in grey deserts.
So I deleted the greys and started taking the photos again (some documentation) which resulted the same. Dark grey.

Then I tried the forum.
Result: Installed Simple Gallery ( from F-Droid on the hint of @irrlicht.
Now I can view them and in fact they are all fine.

Yes Mike it makes sense, although to a limited extent. It appears normal on one of my Android devices.
However what’s the point?
This game is supposed to get us away from big G.

yes this makes sense based on my experience too.

I think the issue is with the gallery (and in-camera preview) not the camera app or image itself.

@tore please try @mungo suggestion and let us know how you get on.