Camera still can't scan QR codes in /e/OS 2.0?

Hi, I updated to /e/OS 2.0-r-20240506399551-stable-starlte on my galaxy s9. The new functionality in the app store etc is there, but the camera app (v 1.52) doesn’t seem to be able to scan QR codes. Do I have to activate it somehow? I couldn’t find a new entry in the camera settings, either.

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Please see the following from the Open Camera project’s maintainer:

This most likely means that the devs will have to add it, though I agree with his statement. It appears Android handles QR codes at the system level and hands off to an app that supports the type:

I plan on testing this as a result of looking into this and since I planned on setting up a secure QR code scanner, anyway:

The button to switch from camera photo to video has third logo for QR code mode

It is fast but lacks an history.


I think I see a problem for some anyway. There are two camera Icons on my phone, so posable two camera apps? The camera in the upper left has the QR scanner the one in the bottom right doesn’t.
See screenshot…

Yes I can confirm there are two camera apps. Not sure if this was pointed out in the announcement thread. Will go back and read but for now I leave this here.

Doesn’t work on my Note10+.
App crash…

thank you. This was driving me mad


That clearly asks for a long-hold option next to cycle-tapping.