Camera very very slow on FP4

Lately i had difficulties with a parking meter: it did not accept my creditcard. this message was only seen for a couple of seconds on this meter and i tried to make a picture of it for legal reasons. But i did not succeed timing this: the camera / app (open camera) took always to much time for taking the picture, no matter how many times i tried.
I have searched the internet and i have tried other camera-apps, but always without results.
In the above situation i do not need a perfect photo, i need just a photo in the right time, even when the quality is bad, i don’t mind.
Does somebody have any suggestions?
/e/os version:
1.5.1-s-20221102231514-stable-FP4 (android 12).

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I am also experiencing this delay, the error has already been reported in Gitlab (for quite some time).

In the update log /e/OS v1.6-beta this bug is listed under “Ongoing Issues (open and assigned)” and should, if all goes well, be fixed in the next OTA.

Let’s wait and see.

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