Can anybody recommend a good and safe ebook reader?

I’m currently using ebookdroid, which is ok but I’m finding it impossible to change the font size so with my ageing eyesight it’s very difficult to read.

I’m using ‘book reader’ fom f-droid. there you can change the font size :slight_smile:


Hi and thanks for that - I’m completely new to /e/ having come from an iPhone so I’m floundering a bit. Is it safe to install F-Droid client? Or better to download the APK and install it - not that I have a clue how to do that either?

Pls use f-droid as much as you can. In f-droid are only FOSS apps whithout trackers.
If you need a app which is not available in f-droid, use aurora store.
Pls don’t use other stores

(You can also use apps store from e, but aurora and f-droid are better)

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I really appreciate this alternative App Store and think it’s serious. F-Droid is also pre-installed by default in some custom ROMs.

I have already tried both types of installation and ultimately found no difference.

Great! Many thanks, and I’ve managed to install F-Droid and Book Reader with no problems.

Great, have fun and enjoy your e books. Do you know ‘the circle’ ? It’s a great book

I’m using Read Era, which works well for me - reads .mobi files as well as normal e-book types.

Hi Jon. I’ve not been able to find Read Era in either Apps nor F-Droid. Can you tell me where you got it? Thanks

Sorry, what an unhelpful contribution from me. It’s actually called ReadEra (all one word) and I’ll have got it from the Aurora Store. I can’t find it at the moment because AS is playing up as it does about 75% of the time…

Right, I’ve had a further look, and I think my favourite one now is simply called Book Reader - it’s from F-droid and the icon is just a black B on a white background. Seems nice and simple, and quite usable. ReadEra has trackers, whereas Book Reader presumably doesn’t.

Hi Jon - having tried several I have gone with Book Reader too - simple and easily readable. Thanks for the advice.

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Always welcome :wink: