Can anybody share experience with OnePlus/Murena Nord?

Hi all,
I’m interested in user experience with the OnePlus/Murena Nord 5G with /e/-OS installed.
In particular following aspects are of special interest:

  • average battery life
  • camera quality:
    • which camera app are you using? pre-installed or other app?
    • example pictures in low light-conditions are appreciated

Thanks a lot!


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Hello Johann

I’m still on an unofficial 0.14 build, as I didn’t have time to change to the official build yet.
I have the device since around a half year so I can share some insights.

I get around 2-2.5 days of battery use, but I often use mobile data while commuting. With light use, you could get 3 days out of it I think.

I switched to gcam as the camera app. There are two config files online, fury and wychaya (or similar). They enable all cameras and tweak the settings to match the cam.
The photos are okay - 3rd party apps can’t make full use of the sensor but are limited to 12 MP if I remember correctly. So this takes away some of the crisp.
Especially if you try to photograph moving things, there’s a short delay after pressing the shutter button, which can be a bit annoying. If the light conditions aren’t good, the moving objects will also blurr. This was the same with stock firmware. Non-moving objects are fine. OnePlus Software was always lacking in this context.
For me it’s ok, just the blurring can be annoying when taking family fotos.

I’ll try to take some challenging pics later.

The camera is a bit lacking (which by modern standards is still good). Still a great phone. Especially for the price.

This is a picture in the evening I took after flashing my tablet. It’s beneath some LED lights.

That’s two pictures taken at deep night, with gcam nightmode


Hi @Ludix ,

thank you for your detailed reply.

The battery performance seems to be quiet impressive, that’s great.

Many thanks for efforts taking some example pictures. This is always the best way to get a feeling of how good a camera is operating with low light conditions.

You answer will definitely help me with my decision :+1:

Best regards,

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I just bought a oneplus nord with e pre-installed (it’s my fourth phone with e).
Everything works fine except for the fingerprint.

When I add a fingerprint, I am asked to locate the reader on the back. But the reader is in front. OK, no problem, beyond that, when I press on the reader, my finger is detected…but the procedure does not follow…
I don’t know if it’s a OS problem or if it’s because of the protective film already installed on the screen!

Does it work for you?

Only 300ko, are they reduced for insertion on the forum ?

It works fine for me. Mind you, I’m still on an older, unofficial build.

It struggles in direct sunlight, other than that no problem.

Yes it does. Original size is 3.28 MB.

Random pic of my favorite car (not mine sadly) shot on a cloudy day with GCam using the main camera.

An issue is open on gitlab :wink:

Another question, thé LED notification works for you ? Not for me…

I don’t think the Nord has a notification LED, or what do you mean?