Can automatic links for keywords in posts be disabled?

Since the latest forum software update (I guess) certain keywords in posts get automatically linked to websites without user interaction. Examples:

Posting the word Murena will give Murena (currently with a link to which I didn’t set).
Posting the word Fairphone will give Fairphone (currently with a link to which I didn’t set).

Can this behaviour be disabled?

I find these automatic links quite annoying when reading, they distract from more detailed/ more finely targeted links which users were putting effort and deliberation into when posting.

Might be just me, so I looked for a setting in my user profile preferences to disable this just for me but didn’t find any (which also might be just me).

As for the whole forum, why not do it like this, for example? … Morena?, Fairfone?


It seems this automatic linking got disabled now for new posts … quick check: Murena, Fairphone.

Thanks to whoever disabled this :+1: .

P.S.: If Discourse (the forum software) can potentially do something like this, I wouldn’t mind if it automatically corrected all those “Terracube” (which those phones are not) to Teracube :nerd_face: .

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